Unshackled: Experiencing Freedom in Christ

Unshackled: Experiencing Freedom in Christ – The Book

We all have a story to tell, some with very similar circumstances and some don’t have any resemblance at all. Stories are written with a purpose often times to leave a trail for truth to be discovered, to warn others of potential dangers or pitfalls that maybe lurking around the corner and to encourage others with important steps as they tackle projects without any prior experience.

I dedicate this book to every person who has experience pain and trauma in their life due to being abandoned or other spiritual or emotional trauma. I want to share this work with every person who has at some point felt less than worthy of living a life of fulfillment and enrichment. You are an over comer, an achiever and a conqueror!

As you read this book I want to remind you that this is my story. It’s a story being told for the very first time. For some it will enlighten you on who I am, why I am and who’s I am. I hope reading this book does not shock you, but challenges you to do some digging in your own back yard and maybe your front yard as well. It is important that you understand that the events that take place in the book have been used by God to shape me for who I am today. I’m stronger today and therefore I’m not only able to share it, but I celebrate as I do so.

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Unshackled Ministries: Group Sessions

The therapeutic group is called Spiritual Discovery. We are all spiritual beings created in the image of our creator, God. During our life’s journey, painful experiences have fashioned us for who we are today, often leaving us broken, disconnected and some times oblivious  to our true calling. How we arrived at this point in our lives are often because of the lies we have come to believe about God, ourselves and others. The simplest way to describe this study is…  It is a journey through our heart. The goal is to discover truth, wisdom and insights that will help us grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. A few things you will be sure to discover on this journey is:

What is in your heart?
What you believe about your self, others and God?
Who You are to God?
Where do You find your worth?
And what is your story?

I hope you will join us for this 18 week life changing experience. Each discussion group session is Approximately 2 1/2 hours long, with 1hour of home work each week.

It is with sincere gratitude that I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to read the stories and experiences D’lana shared with myself and life partner! I have been able to identify so much that resonates in my very own life. I take full advantage of what D’lana’s message and being FREE from all she encounters over the years of her life. In these last few days I have been feeling a feeling about my life I could not put a finger on. All I knew was that I was tired. Tired of not feeling FREE mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Unshackled gave me my ah-ah moment. I truly could relate with so much D’lana expressed. Although our stories are different, we have the same of so many effects that life has thrown at us till it opens both of my eye wide and deep to see. I look forward to digging deeper inside of me to discover some things I know exist but somehow had not really took strongly to consider doing so.

One thing that pinched me so effortlessly, was when D’lana felt the shifting of her life from not growing in the church, not feeling inspired and simply feeling dead. I could not help but right in the moment to ask myself, “Could this be what I am experiencing”? But after reading the book, “Discerning the voice of God by Priscilla Shirer, I anticipated to hear a voice in that moment. I didn’t exactly get the answer but it’s one worth waiting for in full truth. I know that God will show me my true purpose for being here and especially my main connections with the church(us). In the meantime, I won’t just assume he want me to figure this out but trust him at his word for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).

“I gave to the church until it hurt and when it began to hurt, I continued to give until it began to feel good again”.     

This was another focal point I felt was confirmation about my giving to the church. I am currently positioning myself to write my book, “Tithing but BROKE”. What D’lana expressed is that service is giving. In any way we give is great but not until it breaks you. I strongly agree with her that with all the doing of the doings in the church we can lose our own self-care strategies that keeps us afloat. I am in the testing years of my life and I know that having the self-care that I need is more profitable that I give credit for. I pray that us as Gods daughter always feel compelled to treat ourselves. God knows us and he knows our giving hearts, but he also wants us well. In Jesus name we will be. D’lana, unshackled has given me so much hope. I am over JOYED of the new journey you’re on. I can’t wait to see you operating in your NEW free spirited and Christian life!

The blood STIILL works!

Love Lil Sis

Lisa Monger

In “Unshackled” DLana O’Neal is vulnerable … real… down-to-earth as she shares her life story. It is a powerful story of how, in different stages along your life journey, you are introduced to God, you get to know God, and that knowledge grows into a deeper relationship with God.

“Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord”
2 Peter 1:2

Bridgett Stevenson First Lady, Rock of our Salvation church

Without pretense or apology, D’Lana has blessed us by sharing her life and challenge to grow spiritually in a transparent and heartfelt way. She lays bare the hurts of the past, the church hurts but is grounded in the Word, so that the challenges did not destruct but strengthened her walk with our Lord.

I am deeply grateful to be included in her journey to Experiencing Freedom in Christ. My heart was full of compassion for the young D’Lana that suffered and was betrayed by family. Her story is a reminder that young girls and boys are hurt, damaged and are walking around with wounded spirits. Her story reminds us that family and friends molest and abuse children. Her story mirrors a painful tragedy that happens and all too often is ignored, covered up or refuted. Those who have experienced this type of abuse and have been wounded has a great opportunity to encourage, mentor and pour into the life of other young people with wounded spirits.

D’Lana lay open the ugly and painful in order that she may be transformed into what He intended for her, that she may grow in spiritual maturity being molded into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

This work is authentic and transparent. Many will be enabled to travel the road to freedom because of this letting go and letting God experience.Thank you for being courageous.

Shirley Kyle

It is often most interesting to know the untold stories that people have to tell which speak to who they are today; this book speaks volumes to God’s grace & love to you during your journey and his ongoing grace & love to us.

A question i do have is where is your sister now?


What a great accomplishment. I
embraced each word and thoughts shared with a thirst for more. I feel blessed to follow this journey to learn and be apart of what God has next for those he has UNSHACKLED.

What a great accomplishment. I
embraced each word and thoughts shared with a thirst for more. I feel blessed  to follow this journey to learn and be apart of what God has next for those he has UNSHACKLED.

Laurie Jackson

The best part for me was, “her wanting to be loved was confused with being needed to fulfill the needs of others NOT recognizing who she was in God’s image” … Wow that was my mirror in times pass also.

D’Lana’s openness and honesty as she gave us insight into her life was pretty remarkable. It was easy to find yourself in this book!

If you have ever felt constrained or bound, this book will take you from chains to freedom.

Alicia Douglas

Unshackled is truly inspiring! D’Lana’s willingness to share her most vulnerable moments in life teaches us faith. Through her perseverance and earnest search for the truth about God and a personal relationship with him, she shows us how he can transforms each event in our lives. Just like the butterfly who was fighting to emerge from his cocoon, it is only through our own struggles and deep reflection that we can we emerge with unshakable faith and trust in God.

Ann Micheals

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Bio: D’Lana O’Neal

D’Lana Blunt O’Neal is a certified youth development practitioner. In 2001 She founded Local-Motions a not for profit 501-c3 Performing Arts Organization. She has provided thousands of hours in arts instructions that have benefited school age children in public, charter and private school settings. She has also provided coaching to artist and teachers for in class resources. In her dedication to providing youth developmental opportunities through the arts, she has created and implemented instructional training programs with curriculums for innovative teaching.

D’Lana has been a Christian for 35 years, she is a women’s ministry leader, author, song writer and humanitarian. For the past 27 years D’Lana has been married to her long time friend Antonio and together they have eight adult children. As an Elder in the church he shares a passion for helping God’s people and building up His kingdom.

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