Tutoring Program

Tutoring program is a program comprised of balanced literacy grounded in foundational reading skills. One on one instruction closes the academic achievement gap through learning critical thinking skills, reading strategies, fluency, decoding and comprehension, reinforced phonics skills through structured practice. Students needs are met through differentiated instruction. We also strengthen the home/school connection by supporting their current academic learning environment.

As a parent whose child received tutoring services from Ms. Schaeffer, I can only say she is a phenomenal tutor. She uses different techniques to meet the learning needs of individual to ensure positive results. The results for my child has lead to academic success. - L. Barnett, parent, Oak Park, IL

My daughter was struggling in math and reading. Ms. Schaeffer has a gift of teaching. La’Shondra would attend tutoring three days a week and would be excited about everything she learned. She has maintained a B average. One thing I really liked about the program is Ms. Schaeffer has always went over and beyond to help my daughter and if she still needs any help she has always let me know that she will be there for her. - L. Matthews, parent

I have tried other tutoring services for my daughter and I really wasn’t satisfied because we both felt that the actual tutoring wasn’t helping her with her day to day schoolwork. With Local Motions tutoring, her tutoring is customized to her actual school work. I have noticed more confidence with my daughter and less frustration when completing homework because she knows she can get that extra help through her sessions or just send her tutor an email and he assists her via email. Her grades and writing skills have improved and now she’s the proactive one to go to tutoring because she sees the benefits. - Reanika Thomas

The following are testimonials from Sayre Language Academy students who were in the drama program. Each one is from a different child.
They are nice and smart people. They do a really nice job. You see it once and you got it. They make you become a really good dancer. They have a really nice background. - Student at Sayre Language Academy

Some benefits were we got to go to their company and learn more. We got rewarded for how good we worked and how well we’ve developed. - Student at Sayre Language Academy

I learned more dancing and acting skills there and that’s what I wanted to do. - Student at Sayre Language Academy

I got to work on writing projects that were due during class that I was able to extend during my CLD classes. - Student at Sayre Language Academy

We got to go to a studio and teach the class the next day because we learned ahead. We got prizes for trying hard and memorizing the lines and dances. We got to learn all these cool dance moves and meet new people plus she told me I was an excellent dancer and wanted me to be a FRONT DANCER!!!!! - Student at Sayre Language Academy

Every time we would learn to dance we would earn an award. Close to the end of doing drama the two women told us how hard working everybody was and gave us an award. - Student at Sayre Language Academy

I love drama, and some benefits I experienced was that the instructor supported us very much and that made me work harder, and harder. - Student at Sayre Language Academy