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D’Lana O’Neal - Local-Motions FounderD’Lana O’Neal

Founder/Executive Director

My heart is and always has been in the arts. It was my goal to develop an arts training facility that enriches the lives of its participants, their families, their friends, and their community. I believe I’ve done that in the creation of Local-Motions, Inc.

I believe that every man, woman, and child has some personal self-expression to share and it’s often found through the arts.

In the beginning we didn’t have too many fans, many thought that I was foolish. We started right after 911, knowing that most businesses close within 5 years. But we didn’t listen to those voices, we listened to the voices of the youth, asking them what they wanted in a program. And to this day, we provide those supports and resources.  This is a partnership between parents, youth and Local Motions.

From the beginning parents have been involved, volunteering, back stage, fundraising, and on the board of Directors. Everyone that eats in the village should help in sustaining the village. There are no spectators. No matter how big or small your contribution, it’s vitally important.

Many have seen them perform on stage, but few have seen how they make their personal contribution. Whether a Senior Residence facility, Children’s Hospital or at Community Based Organization, each youth share in the driving force of giving back through arts education. This magazine is a platform to recognize the village builders, youth builders who aide in building a stronger foundation for tomorrow.

Board Members

Board Chair – Therese Molina​
Board Treasurer – Ora Thompson
Board Secretary – Yulee Pass


Kim Allen
Judith Alexander
Joe Graber
Bill Moorehead
Antonio O’Neal
D’Lana O’Neal

Fundraising Committee

Chair – Judith Alexander
Co-Chair – Joe Graber

Fundraising Committee Members

Edward Boone
Bill Moorehead
D’Lana O’Neal

Teacher Bios


Toni CacciatoreToni Cacciatore

“There’s something amazing that occurs when the separation of the artist and ‘non-artist’ is removed by a creative endeavor”

I love creating art that tells a story…and for 30 odd years, portraiture has been my passion. I learned everything I could and was fortunate to have studied with the best. I’ve always wanted to share the same wonderful art experience that I enjoyed. I started giving private art instruction to home schooled kids while earning a degree in fine art. I discovered a real joy in my student’s positive response and enthusiasm for creativity. I discovered that my students…the innocence of the young, the energy of young adults, the perspective of my peers and wisdom of the elderly is most often my “teacher”. I think the best art making experience happens when it becomes more about your creative journey and less about the outcome. To see more of my work: www.tonicacciatore.com


Yvonne Cobb
Yvonne Cobb

Yvonne Cobb is a dance teacher with over 20 years experience. She has professional experience with Joseph Holmes Dance Theater for 8 years. Her studies include ballet, modern, jazz, African and Graham technique. She taught after school dance class to grades 3rd-8th at St. Catherine St. Lucy School. She has also taught special summer classes for high school students and adults. These master classes were held at Orr High School, Triton College and Wright College. Yvonne feels that God has taken her dancing to another level to move into the prophetic with the dance. Praise dancing has been quite fulfilling as she uses her gift to glorify the kingdom of God.

Jeramie Bizzle
Jeramie Bizzle

Hello. My name is Jeramie Bizzle and I am a tutor at Local-Motions. I worked as a teacher for CPS and currently work as a substitute in my spare time. I am a DePaul University graduate and working towards my Ph.D. in the fall. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


Yolanda M. Schaeffer

Yolanda M. Schaeffer, a dance choreographer with 10 years experience performing and choreographing for various shows. She was a member of the University Dance Theater-Western Illinois University in Macomb, Il. She was also a member and choreographer of the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center Dance Troupe-Western Illinois University in Macomb, Il. She choreographed for shows at St. Catherine St. Lucy School. Yolanda feels that God has blessed me with a gift of sending His messages through dance.

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