Founded in 2001, Local-Motions Inc. is a non-profit organization (501(c)3), dedicated to the promotion of performance arts among school-aged children in Chicago. Providing Performing Arts Instructions in dance, theater, set design, vocal performance, and fine art, which benefit children and youth from ages five to eighteen.

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Local-Motions, Inc.
6272 W North Ave., Suite B
Chicago, IL 60639

773.622.3267 or email us at

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Location Information:

Local-Motions, Inc.
6272 W North Ave Suite B
Chicago, IL 60639

Phone: 773.622.3267


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“Working with the staff and the other children helped me to realize and appreciate the talents I have. I have become more confident and began speaking up about what I needed and wanted when the time came. Being a part of the program has allowed me to enjoy dance, drama, and learning how to express myself. Coming to Local-Motions has made a big impact on my life”. – Leah Yancy, student

“My first time coming to Local-Motions was June of 2006 and I was fresh out of grammar school. It was the day after graduation when I got a call from a lady named D’Lana O’Neal for an interview through Mayor Daley’s After School Matters program.” … “It has been five years since that day and now I’m the Creative Director. It has been an amazing journey. Local-Motions has helped me develop and mold the talents that I possessed and didn’t know I had. I’ve become a stronger leader, more goal-oriented, a better artist, and so much more. I never think about where I would have been if I hadn’t come to Local-Motions because this is where I belong”. – Sandra Sims, student

“As an educator, artist, author and parent, I’ve experienced the multi-faceted growth of Local Motions from various perspectives. From the first time I met D’lana her passion for nurturing the creative side of youngsters in the community was clear. We share a belief in the intrinsic value of the arts in the development of the whole child.” – Susan A. Friel, Arts Education Consultant